Friday, July 9, 2010

Cupcake Critique: Baked by Melissa

Baked by Melissa is one of those places that people have constantly been talking about and who wouldn't get excited by the promise of yummy, bite-sized cupcakes.

All the chatter piqued my interest, and when exploring their mouth-watering website, I noted you could order cupcakes for delivery but the minimum quantity was a 100 cupcakes. I certainly do love cupcakes - but a hundred of them?! These must be really good cupcakes.

I finally got the opportunity to venture to Soho and trial these renowned goodies last weekend. The store is by Broadway and Spring and more of a booth than a store - you could easily miss it if you weren't on a cupcake crusade. They offer a handful of flavours including Peanut Butter and Jelly, S'mores, Tie Dye and are approximately the size of a quarter. We got a box of 6 that included Red Velvet, Cookie Dough, PB&J, and Tie-Dye.

First off the bat - I wish we could have had more! They were fantastic -  Sweet little bites of heaven.  Furthermore, because they were so tiny, they unlocked a secret to my understanding of the perfect cupcake formula; entice not overwhelm. However they are so small you feel you need at least 6 to experience them completely.

Now back to my formula, technically they did not have a basic vanilla buttercream flavour and so it would be unfair to compare them to the others but their closest option was the tie-dye which was light, sweet with a delicate dribble of frosting.  Here's my review:

Here are some pics to tantalize your tastebuds:

Their website is also must-see! I particularly love their 4th of July cupcake flag concept!